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InterMatrix Communications (IMX) provides key public relations services including media representation, event organizing, and production for television, radio and print media. IMX specializes in policy issues, public communications and crisis management.


InterMatrix Communications (IMX) is a public relations firm with core competence in strategic communications in public issues. Based in Jakarta, IMX is focused on issues related to climate change, deforestation and indigenous peoples issues. The firm is also experienced in commercial public relationship and event organization. IMX works independently and in partnerships with clients from Indonesia and other countries. The work generally involves media management and public exposure. IMX founder (Wimar Witoelar) is a nationally known television and radio talk show host.


Knowing a client's strengths and working with them, as well as de-emphasizing the weaknesses, is the foundation to InterMatrix services. Sensitive communication planning brings the client's vision and objectives to the public. Client orientation is the key to achieve tangible results.

InterMatrix resources in communication, marketing and management provide a comprehensive base to design and execute accurate communication campaigns using all available media.


Companies are created to serve their shareholders but they are made sustainable by stakeholders. Stakeholders include founders, employees, staff and management, business partners, for they entrust their welfare and future to the company.

They include the public as a whole for they will benefit from the economic growth and employment created by healthy and growing companies

But most importantly, stakeholders are the Clients, for whom the company exists. Client Satisfaction is the key to our success. Winning Clients is extremely difficult, and keeping them is even a greater challenge.

As in personal relations, client companies need to present their best face forward. To do this, we need to understand and really know what the market expects from our client. This is all what PR is all about, and this is what InterMatrix Communications can offer you. Insight and skills to guide your company in making our common vision come alive.

InterMatrix Communications

Public Relations and Strategic Communication Consultancy

Media Management

  • Press Conference
  • Press Gathering
  • Press Tour
  • Press Release Management
  • Information management (News Monitoring, analysis and advisory)
  • Media Placement

Special Events Management

  • Conference, Seminar, Workshop, Talk Show, Product Launch
  • Concept Design
  • Organization and Invitation (speakers and audience)
  • Evaluation Report

Communication Audit

  • Corporate Brand Audit
  • Corporate Logo Development
  • Corporate Branding

In-house Productions (Company Profile, Web Design, Books)

  • Concept & Creative Design
  • Writing/Lay out
  • Technical Production
  • Printing Coordination

TV and Radio Program Productions

  • Concept & Creative Design
  • Technical Production
  • Expert Supply
  • Logistic Coordination
InterMatrix Communications

Our Clients

(On going and previous clients )

1. American Can Company
2. Asian Development Bank
3. Astra International Tbk
4. Asuransi Astra Buana
5. Bank Mandiri
6. Bank Summa
7. BIDA (Batam Industrial Development Authority)
8. Bintan Resort Management
9. Bisnis lndonesia
11. Bukit Asam
12. CEMEX Indonesia
13. Dana Corporation American Brands
14. General Electric (GE) Indonesia
15. General Electric lndonesia
16. General Motors (GM) Indonesia
17. General Motors lndonesia
18. Haydrian Indonesia
19. Hewlett Packard lndonesia
20. HSBC (Hongkong Shanghai Bank Corporation)
21. HSBC lndonesia
22. IBM
23. IBM lndonesia
24. Kahar Duta Sarana (KDS)
25. Kosti Jaya
26. Krakatau Steel
27. LA Lights
28. McDonald's
29. McDonald's Indonesia
30. Medco
31. Medco Group
32. Paiton Energy Company
33. Procon Indah Tbk
34. Republika
35. Salim Group
36. Samudra Indonesia, Tbk
37. Schiphol lndonesia
38. SCTV
39. Semen Gresik Tbk
40. Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV)
41. TAMF (Indonesian Technical Assistance Management Facility)
42. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk
44. Teradata
45. The Body Shop
46. The Body Shop Indonesia
47. Thiess Indonesia
48. Timah Pertamina
49. Unilever Indonesia Tbk

1. Asean Foundation
2. Asian Development Bank (ADB)
3. Australian Embassy
6. Climate & Land Use Alliance (CLUA)
7. Departemen Pariwisata Pos dan Telekomunikasi
8. Departemen Pertanian
9. Directorate General of Financial Institution, Finance Ministry.
10. Directorate General of Tax, Finance Ministry
11. Edison Mission Energy
12. European Union
13. Ford Foundation
14. INTI (Indonesia Tionghoa)
15. INTRAC (Indonesian Anti Money Laundering Unit)
16. Johns Hopkins University - CCP
17. JPPR -The Asia Foundation .European Union
18. Koalisi Untuk Indonesia Sehat
19. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS)
20. Kusuma Buana Foundation
21. LPEM University of lndonesia
22. Maternal and Neonatal Health Program (JHPIEGO)
23. Minister of Industrial and Trade (DEPPERINDAG)
24. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Center for Energy Information
25. New Zealand Embassy
26. Pemerintah Daerah Tk. I Sumatera Utara
28. The International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD)
29. Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA)
31. World Bank Indonesia

InterMatrix Communications

Erna Indriana ( /
Had an education in the field of communications and lots of experience in public relations and event management. Enrich her PR ability through her working experience in several media including Vista TV (tabloid), Indovision (pay-TV) and Indosiar (television) since 1998-2000. Her career as a PR entirely was obtained during her work in InterMatrix Communications for over 15 years. She handles various important projects ranging from communication strategy to crisis management for the clients such as Semen Gresik, Paiton Energy, PT Unilever Indonesia, The Body Shop Indonesia, as well as public education campaigns, with Ford Foundation and the Climate Land Use Alliance (CLUA), and Konrad Adenaur Stiftung (KAS).

Hayatuddin Mansur (
Joining InterMatrix Communications as Public Relations Consultant in 2005. Involved in several communications consultancy services, among others are, Lifebuoy/PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (Handwashing with Soap Campaign), Pepsodent/PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (Indonesia Smile-Pepsodent Smile Campaign), Molto/PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk (Once Movement Rinse Campaign), The Body Shop CSR campaign, JPPR/People's Voter Education Network (Voter Education Campaign), PT Paiton Energy communications strategy, Teradata launching and PR campaign in Indonesia, Green Economy Campaign in Indonesia (CLUA/Partnership), Communications Strategy for Ford Foundations grantees NGOs and various PR and public education campaigns including national roadshow activities. He is one of the key persons in InterMatrix who has expertise in PR Strategy, media relations, and content research.

Widya Tresna Utami (
Started a career as PR professional in 1998 with expertise in media relations and research. She has been dealing with many PR issues both commercial and public. Widya has extensive experiences in managing Radio program of Perspektif Baru and syndication column in some local newspapers.
Currently, she is appointed as senior consultant and media relations.

Dwipo Kuncoro (
Started a career in the event organizer industry, and afterward built a career in the communications field as a public relations consultant. During his work, he was mostly involved in social and sustainability issues and made these topics become a strong point for him. He also worked with various environmental NGOs and KOL in the governments. Beside handling PR campaigns, he also intensively managed a radio program entitled Perspektif Baru Talk show, a-30 minutes recording talk show which broadcasted in more than 100 radio syndications.
Joined Intermatrix in 2010 as Account Officer, he has been involved in several social mission programs such as: Molto Once Rinse Campaign, Lifebuoy Little Doctor Revitalization Program, and 21-day Movement Program.

Sonny Dwi Kristanu (
Graduated from Institut Kesenian Jakarta majoring in Graphics Art. Joining PT InterMatrix Communications Indonesia as Graphics Designer in 2012. He handle material design for several large events such as for Lifebuoy/PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (Handwashing with soap Campaigne), The Body Shop, Green Economy Campaigne in Indonesia(CLUAPartnership) & Paiton Energy.

Rahayu Wulansari (
Started her career as an intern at InterMatrix Communications in 2014. And have been involved in one of the environmental projects handled by InterMatrix Communications that is managing the Ford Foundation grantees in Extending Community Rights (ECR).
She graduated from Bina Sarana Informatika University, Jakarta in 2015. And rejoined InterMatrix Communications as a Media Relations Officer.
She is responsible for media relations, and becomes a project assistant for several projects. She also has expertise in social media management and audio visual editing.

Pratama Hernu Perbawa (
Started his career as a Senior Treasures Funding Officer at PT. Bank DBS Indonesia, whose main task was to look for new customers and do cross-selling and upselling to existing customers. Currently, he is completing the Master Degree of Communication, Media Studies at Pelita Harapan University, Jakarta.
He joined Intermatrix in 2019 as a Senior Consultant, and in charge of communication content development.

Senior Associates

Yenny Zannuba Wahid
Master of Public Administration from Harvard University, former reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald. Winner of Walkley Award (Australia's 'Pulitzer Prize'). She is the Director of Wahid Foundation.

Feisol Riza
Politician from People Awakening Party (PKB). Currently, he is Head of Commission VII in the House of Representative.

Derry Habir
Holding doctorate in management from Australian National University, writer and scholar.

Jaleswari Pramodhawardani
A researcher at the The Research Center for Society and Culture at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia/LIPI) and also activist on Gender issue. Now she is appointed as deputy head of politics, legal, defense, security and human rights affairs at the Executive Office of the President.

Satya Witoelar
Graduated in architecture from Parahyangan University. Award winning website developer and graphics designer. Currently he works as advisor in Investree, a pioneer fintech lending in Indonesia

InterMatrix Communications

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